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Best Cracking Forum dumps247/ SCAM UPDATE 2018-2019

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    Thumbs up dumps247/ SCAM UPDATE 2018-2019

    dumps247/ SCAM UPDATE 2018-2019

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  2. joker's stash dump shop

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    I placed an order for 10pc US dumps+pin. Cost 160. Website said ď2 in stockĒ after my order it said ď1 in stockĒ I never received the order. The Wickr and Email donít work and even though they were active on telegram my messages were left unanswered. Iíve searched for days for any bad reviews and Iíve only found 2. Sucks man. I canít seem to find a proper dumps vendor at all.

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    Any luck with them yet? I was considering them but now Idk I only found your bad reviews ...there were only 1 other bad review that said they only got 7 out of 10

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