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Thread: New to carding

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    New to carding

    New to carding

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  2. joker's stash dump shop

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    Dan days monterming

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    i need some information too... a guide something help!

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    I am also looking for guides

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    i am new to carding, i have searched the web for a good tutorial to get started but all to no avail,keeps getting incomplete information,please anyone with a good tutorial to get us the newbee going will be very much appreciated. thank you all

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    Please all, help the newbees in our midst

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    Gid bless you all as you help

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    me too i got some things to let go myself

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    New to carding all free info ... lay it on me

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    #ALi Express Carding MeThoD👈

    ^)shocks of cc state
    ^)paid vpn
    ^)live cc🔥
    ^)fake account or old aliexp account
    ^) fake gmail not yupmail or hotmail!


    1)connect ur vpn to cc owner state go to creat fake id of same state

    2)disconnect ur vpn refresh your pc (!dont use chrome!) Use firefox clear your history with (cc clear and do once manually ) connect your
    ^)you can also use other software to stay anonymous and increase your carding successful
    ^) hit to aliexpress add any product below 500$
    ^)keep in card for 3 hours your tools on dont turn off
    ^(after 3 hours check to proceed as an guest use the fake generated id 👆 or works best if u hav any old account
    ^) place order and check it all once


    from fast many years custom are checking each and every product so try out your best to clear customs
    !) Gmail dealer ( you will get dealer contact and gmail adress when you place order
    !) Gmail him with ower fake gmail .tell him that (dear seller i had placed one order of ×××× product it is for my son who stays in son birthday is coming do i decided to gift him product which im buying from India there is a problem of customs whenwe import any good so to clear customs you gift rap it and mention 10$ so that there should be no problem with customs please do it sir thank you ☺


    use visa or mastercard fullz the country should be usa or uk or korea use only fullz

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