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    CardVilla Kidz hadleyb's Avatar
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    Sep 2019

    Partner needed for big cashout

    In need of a partner for our team! We are two guys set up complete with Msr and everything we need to cashout huge. As well as the balls to hit every ATM possible in one night before moving onto the next town. All we need is a partner who can supplty the dumps or finance us to buy the dumps. 3 way split. We also have verified crypto exchange accounts ready for cashout. Just need the ccs. Get at me asap and let's get to work. We are not fuckin around here. Even if you can card us a transfer of any kind to get us started we will make it worth your while. I've got a few ccs if u can card us a transfer.

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    CardVilla Kidz euro187's Avatar
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    Oct 2019
    Message me bro, no fuck1ng ar0und ill cash out for and give 60 percent back to you,,, message my account

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    CardVilla Kidz MzL3xizz's Avatar
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    Mar 2020
    All bullshit out the door. I need to make some noney. Im new to this but i got a pretty good idea about what the business is. Ill cashout everyday and night i could lol 😆 hmu

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    I am interested , tell me more about

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    CardVilla Kidz approv3's Avatar
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    Mar 2018
    is it still available ?

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