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shadow carders carding forum

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Thread: card the world

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    card the world

    card the world

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  2. joker's stash dump shop

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    Same here. I'm eager to learn how to. Just not sure where or how to start.

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    yo i gotchu

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    Someone show me the way i bought a burner laptop just for this.
    Lets get it

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    anyone know how to use dumps and turn theminto a virtual card to pay off some bills thanks

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    Okay, first things first. How much research have you done? Because all of the research is out there to get you started right now. You just came to a forum to take the easy way out. Go explore and learn before you get into something dangerous. No one will tell you their personal technique, best way is to buy a Non VBV from a reputable vendor, and reading different cashout methods. You’ll never get it first try, no matter how hard you try. So just know the first 60 bucks you spend is gonna go down the dumper.

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    Do you have A reader? Or know of someone with one? If no... then no. But if you have a pretty penny then your sure to find one in one of the big markets.

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