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    How To Transfer cc To Bank

    How To Transfer cc To Bank

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  2. joker's stash dump shop

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    nice work dude its great

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    Thank you for the information

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    Quote Originally Posted by anonav View Post
    Today im going to tell you how i have gotten money from the credit card to my bank account, while being virtually untraceable.
    step 1
    Obtain a decent credit card, can be from one with a balance of 20 to 20000, whichever you fancy
    step 2
    Find any mmo currency site (i usually pick runescape because its the quickest of the all the mmos and you do not have to invest anything in buying the game as its f2p)
    step 3
    Purchase your gold using 'your' cc, any amount will do, but i would reccomend buying about 250$ worth.
    step 4
    Complete the trade in game, and then find another runescape gold site that buys rsgp
    step 4
    Sell your gold, now i will warn you that you will make a small loss, but usually its only a 10% loss.
    step 5
    Complete the trade, and get it sent to your legit pp, you will be completely safe as, as far as paypal are concerned, your selling a product and receiving your payment, once you have your cash transfer it from your paypal to your bank account.

    Realistically if you follow this guide properly the worst that could happen is you getting a runescape account banned

    i Sell all needed tools n methods for spamming work contact me on icq
    what is your icq?

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    Creative idea thanks dude

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    thx for the info bro

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    This old method has been burnt. There is another latest method of carding RUNESCAPE GOLD using hacked paypal account and credit card.

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    What’s your icq?? Got a question

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    If you say its burnt, show yours or quit talking

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    Dope info bro. Im gonna try to see if I can put this together myself. may need some help tho lol

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