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    Card Villa Rules

    Hello all members and fellow carders we have made this new forum to provide new facility for fellow carders to learn things online but their are rules to follow

    1: If you want to join this forum then keep contributing by posting things
    2: No third party links allowed here
    3: All unverified seller must contact admin before start selling or they face Ban
    4: Admin has all right to Ban and Delete any user if they violate rules

    Admin can change or add any rules before any prior notice


  2. #271
    Tanks man hav soo fun to fode n man, só sei ptguish

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    TopCC shop

  4. #272
    Nice website

  5. #273
    I love this site, i will take my time and check it out

  6. #274
    Thanks for the info

  7. #275
    Thanks for the info

  8. #276
    legit and best forum

  9. #277
    Thanks for the info bro your the best

  10. #278
    Ok kool Rules understand

  11. #279
    kool, i understand and agree to the rules.

  12. #280
    hoping to learn a bunch about this type of stuff, thanks

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